I’m creating this to chronicle my journey through making food for my little boy Nio (short for Antonio).  This is important to me for a multitude of reasons.

  1.  Due to medical issues, I cannot breastfeed him anymore.  I managed to make it to 4 months but couldn’t keep up with his demand nor could I keep up otherwise without the medication I take for my fibromyalgia.  So making the solid foods he eats as much as possible is a way of staying connected to the nutrition side of him from an early age.
  2. The high amount of chemicals in baby foods is daunting some days.  Aside from pesticides, herbicides and other residual things from the produce or proteins used, there are also preservatives, sweeteners and heaven knows what else in mass-produced baby food.  I would like to minimize Nio’s exposure to such things as much as possible.  The fact that part of the milk industry is trying to put aspartame into milk as a regular thing makes me shudder in revulsion.
  3. I have an associates degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelors in Culinary Management, so who better to be making my son’s food than me?
  4.  Like most people with a chronic medical condition, I look for things that I can do for my family.  Food is one of the biggest, non-emotional things a parent can provide for their children, so providing healthy foods I make gives me a sense of accomplishment.
  5.  If my taking time to write out my experience helps at least one other mom or dad out there connect with their child, then its worth it.

As I stated above, I have fibromyalgia.  I was diagnosed in 2010 and am still learning the ins and outs of my personal variant of the condition.  I say personal variant because no two fibromyalgia sufferers are exactly the same, nor is there a blanket medicine or health regime that works for all of us.

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