Let him try cake!

It’s spring here in Southern California, for which I am very grateful.  The warm weather  means the farmer’s markets have been a weekly source of beautifully fresh fruits and veggitables, especially strawberries.  All of us love strawberries and they’re something easy to set out for an orbital eater like Nio.  He’ll work on a plate of sliced strawberries and apples for most of the morning, grabbing them when he wants.


Today was the 12th anniversary for the hubby and I (yes, we waited a while to have kids because we got married as kids.)  So I wanted something special for dessert that wouldn’t have me on my feet for hours working on cake, frosting, decorating and all that.  Especially since the hubby isn’t big on sweets and Nio doesn’t need them.  I thought of those strawberries in the fridge and it just had to be angel food cake.  But, alas, I was out of cake flour!


A recent visit from my future sister-in-law (yeah!) means that I had gluten-free flour on hand since she is allergic to gluten and I feel its rude to bake something that can’t be eaten by the entire household.  Bob’s Red Mill GF blend to the rescue!  Now to hunt up a recipe.


This was easier said than done, given that I don’t have a giant tube pan that one typically uses for Angel Food cake.  I also didn’t want a dozen cupcakes floating about either.  So I searched for a nine egg recipe, since I figured that would fit in my bundt cake pan without the dreaded overflow of burny doom.  I found and tried this recipe: http://glutenfreeklippys.com/recipe/angel-food-cake/


I must say, I prefer this cake recipe to any box mix I’ve ever tried, GF or normal and it makes store-bought cake look pathetic in comparison.  Richly flavored with vanilla and Amaretto, just sweet enough to pair with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, and so simple to make, this is a true keeper.

Nio seemed more interested in the strawberries than the cake itself (more for Mama) but that’s okay.  We both had a lovely treat this eve and now he’s falling asleep on my lap as I type.  Pretty good way to end the day.

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