Fruit mixes & uses

In the past week, I’ve been remiss about documenting the various fruit purees that I’ve made and popped into the freezer for Nio.  Tiny palm tree, heart, star, bon bon, and flower shaped cubes of frozen goodness await him, sealed away in plastic bags.  I’ve found its far easier to keep and rotate food stocks in the freezer like that than in little plastic containers.  That takes up a lot more space some how.  Additionally, I have what looks like a pacifier with a mesh bag on it like these: and when Nio’s teeth are being feisty, I pop one of the star or flower shapes inside it for him to naw on.  The chill helps numb the area a bit and he likes the taste of the fruit puree, even if its frozen.

Some the combinations were steamed first, like the apple/nectarine/blueberry mixture where everything but the berries were diced and steamed for ten minutes.

Others, like the strawberry, nectarine, banana one were not, since he does pretty well with freshly mashed versions.  I did run both through the mesh seive to remove any seeds or large chunks though.  He’s sprouting two front teeth right now on the bottom but I figure its a good idea to keep things simple.

The third mix I made for him is more blueberries, mango, prunes and apples.  The prunes are basically dried plums with a rebranded name to make them more approachable to the masses.  I found ones without sulfides, so used those since they’re cheaper and easier to keep on hand than fresh plums.  They have the same effect on his digestive system and make things easier on him.

Fruit is the start of Nio’s day, often mixed with plain yogurt and a scoop or two of oatmeal powder to thicken it up if its too runny to stay on a spoon.  I buy normal-fat yogurt in the 32 oz tub because it lasts a few weeks and at $2.49 a tub is far more cost effective than any “baby” yogurt while being essentially the same thing.

I realize, there are some doctors out there firmly opposed to the idea of giving a child dairy.  I believe the primary reasoning behind this is to prevent parents from replacing breast milk or formula with cows milk.  That would harm your child’s development, since they still need the nutrients in it.  However, as long as you introduce yogurt and cheese with the same caution shown to any other new food group, it shouldn’t be an issue.  If mom or dad has a dairy problem, be it allergy or intolerance, I would wait until the child is at least 9 months if not a year before giving them dairy.  But neither Sparky nor I have any food issues other than a sensitivity to pork (gives him migraines).

In other news, I have learned something else in the last week.  While I do have a baby food recipe for mac & cheese, it is far too much of a pain to make for Nio at this stage.  His foods need to be a fine puree and my machine just isn’t capable of turning a batch of cheesy goodness into that.  So, he’ll be getting the Gerber version for now mixed with veggies that I’ve prepared for him at home.  It always brings a smile to his face when I get that first spoonful into him, so its worth it.

Tomorrow night’s dinner will be beef udon with veggies and I will probably puree some of that up for him as a taste test.  I tend to make my own broths for udon noodles mainly because the commercial ones are very high in sodium, something no one needs.  If he likes it and it turns out well, then I’ll toss up a post on the recipe.


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